When to plant bulbs

Bulb planting calendar

With the scheme below it’s easy to find out when to plant bulbs for the desired season. Whether you want flowers for spring, summer or fall.

Planting outside
Flowering time
s = sunnySun loving flowers
p = partial sunPartial shade loving flowers
n = no sunShade loving flowers
When to plant flowerbulbs, lilies, tulips, depth, distance, shade, sun, planting schedule/list
When to plant bulbs
►Month ▼Flowerbulbs+wiki JanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSeptOktNovDecPlanting distanceDepth 
Anemone            5cm/2”5cm/2”sp
Amaryllis            30cm/12”3cm/1”spn
Begonia            15cm/6”3cm/1”sp*
Grape Hyacinth            5cm/2”3cm/1”spn
Cyclamen            5cm/2”3cm/1”pn*
Dahlia            25cm/10”5cm/2”sp
Freesia            8cm/3”8cm/3”sp
Dutch hyacinth            15cm/6”15cm/6”sp
Scilla            4cm/1.5”6cm/2”spn
Bluebell            4cm/1.5”6cm/2”spn
Siberian squill            7cm/3”5cm/2”sp
Alpine Squill            6cm/2”10cm/4”spn
Indian shot            30cm/12”15cm/6”s
Iris            10cm/4”6cm/2”sp
Ixia            30cm/12”7cm/3”s
Lucky clover            5cm/2”5cm/2”sp
Gladiolus            10cm/4”10cm/4”s
Gesneriaceae            20cm/8”8cm/3”sp*
Adder’s tongue            5cm/2”5cm/2”pn
Kaiser’s crown            30cm/12”20cm/8”spn
Pineapple Lily            15cm/6”5cm/2”sp
Lilies            20cm/8”14cm/5.5”spn
Lily of the valley            root ball5cm/2”n
Desert candles            40cm/16”10cm/4”s
Narcissus            7cm/3”15cm/6”sp
Ranunculus            20cm/8”5cm/2”sp
Snowdrop            7cm/3”10cm/4”spn
Glory-of-the-snow            3cm/1”3cm/1”spn
Scilla            3cm/1”5cm/2”sp
Giant Onion            25cm/10”15cm/6”sp
Jockey’s cap lily            10cm/4”8cm/3”sp
Tulip            10cm/4”15cm/6”spn
Winter aconite            5cm/2”5cm/2”spn
Crocus – autumn flowering            3cm/1”6cm/2”sp
Crocus – spring flowering            3cm/1”6cm/2”sp
Harlequin flower            10cm/4”8cm/3”s
Summer snowflake            12cm/5”12cm/5”sp
Lily of the Nile            20cm/8”10cm/4”s
Star-of-Bethlehem            10cm/4”8cm/3”sp
* Is usually cultivated indoorsJanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSeptOktNovDec   

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