When to plant vegetables

When to plant vegetables - Allotment sowing calendar, planting calendar, harvest calendar, Days sowing until germination, Days sowing until harvest, Minimum length in row, Sowing seeds

When to plant vegetables

This site is an aggregation of various sow dates for vegetables (this page), herbs and flowers. With these rough estimates it’s easy to know when to sow and/or plant vegetables. The guidelines are suitable for hardiness zone 8 which covers most U.S. coastal states. Below our tables you can find zone adjusment instructions.

1. Leaf and stem crops
2. Tuber and root crops
3. Onion crops
4. Cabbages
5. Legumes
6. Bleached crops
7. Fruit crops
Sowing under glass
Outside seeding / transplanting
G = Days: sowing until germination
H = Days: sowing until harvest
In = Minimum length in row

Vegetable sowing & planting calendar

1. Leaf and stem crops               
►Month ▼crops+wiki JanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSeptOktNovDecGHIn
Endive            159012
Artichoke            2018030
Cos lettuce            129010
Iceberg lettuce            127516
Cabbage lettuce            126512
Bittercress            149012
Mustard            4906
New Zealand spinach            3010016
Indian cress            148520
Purslane            3280
Rhubarb            836020
Turnip tops            3353
Lettuce            106512
Chard            10708
Neep            101004
Romaine lettuce            15452
Spinach            10352
Asparagus lettuce            10608
Garden cress            3120,1
Corn salad            15752
Watercress            15508
Winter purslane            3300,2
2. Tuber and root crops               
►Month ▼crops+wiki JanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSeptOktNovDecGHIn
Potato            2012016
Topinambour            1030016
Beetroot            15854
Celeriac            2026014
Turnip            1513514
Parsnip            1526012
Turnip            12704
Radish            10402
Black radish            10906
Salsify            152004
Carrot Winter Carrots            152408
Summer Carrots            152408
Hamburg root parsley            101304
Leek Summer harvest            201706
Autumn harvest            201706
Winter harvest            201706
3. Onion crops               
►Month ▼crops+wiki JanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSeptOktNovDecGHIn
Tree onions            12906
Scallion            161006
Garlic            201806
Shallot            101304
Welsh onion            201701
Sowing onion            152202
Cutted union 1st yr.            152202
Cutted union 2nd yr.            152202
Winterunions            152202
Pearl onion            152202
4. Cabbages               
►Month ▼crops+wiki JanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSeptOktNovDecGHIn
Kale            1016030
Cauliflower Early harvest            1517524
Summer harvest            1517524
Autumn harvest           .1517524
Winter harvest            1517524
Broccoli Summer harvest            810020
Winter harvest            810020
Napa cabbage            159012
Romanesco            1011024
Kohlrabi            88510
Chinese cabbage            109010
Red Cabbage Early harvest            1516020
Summer harvest            1516020
Autumn harvest            1516020
Cabbage Early harvest            1512020
Summer harvest            1512020
Autumn harvest            1512020
Winter harvest            1512020
Savoy cabbage Early harvest            1516024
Summer harvest            1516024
Autumn harvest            1516024
Winter harvest            1516024
Brussels sprout            1525024
5. Legumes               
►Month ▼crops+wiki JanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSeptOktNovDecGHIn
Asparagus pea           .121202
Field Pea            10702
Pea            10702
Snow pea            10702
Runner bean            12902
Haricots verts            14704
Snap beans            14704
Green bean            14704
String bean            14704
Pole beans            14704
Pole haricot            14704
Broad bean            14704
6. Bleached crops               
►Month ▼crops+wiki JanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSeptOktNovDecGHIn
Celery            1516014
Chicory            410012
Radicchio Autumn harvest            412010
Winter harvest            412010
Chicory roots            152804
7. Fruit crops               
►Month ▼crops+wiki JanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSeptOktNovDecGHIn
Strawberry            2017014
Eggplant            409031
Gherkin            10906
Blue huckleberry           .4573030
Wild strawberry           .***
Bramble           .***
Zucchini            109539
Red raspberry            ***
Cucumber            101006
Maize            1513016
Melon            1015012
Pumpkin            2014039
Black pepper            1518018
Sweet corn            1513016
Tomatoes            1013018
*Vegetative reproductionJanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSeptOktNovDecGHIn


Vegetables, herbs & companion planting.

Find your hardiness zone

Hardiness zones are defined by a certain average annual minimum temperature, a factor relevant to the survival of many plants.

The tables above represent planting schedules for hardiness zone 8. As a rough estimate add or substract two weeks for every zone variation.

  • Hardiness zone 6: add 1 month
  • Hardiness zone 10: subtract 1 month

In other words, when you live in hardiness zone 6 wait an extra month before planting outside.

Canadian hardiness zones
Hardiness zone maps around the world

Check out plantmaps.com for hardiness zone maps around the world.

Advisable crops for:





Partial shade


Vegetable seeds & accessories

Other printed planting charts

Allotment gardening:

germinating tomato plant when to plant
Germinating tomato plant

º Save money on fresh vegetables in the supermarket.
º Herb plantlets from the grocery often wither quickly, with home-growns you can harvest all year.
º Growing your own food is fun.
º Good way to stay healthy.
º Rediscover where your food comes from.

Tips for starting garden allotments:

º Do not compromise on the quality of soil. Poor-quality soil, or ordinary earth, often lead to disappointing results.
º Don’t forget to spade the ground, this is crucial to get a good harvest.
º Reposition your crops every year to prevent soil degradation and increase harvest.
º Don’t wait to long before weeding the weeds. After a period, the effort needed will multiple and crops won’t grow as good.
º Try to use a piece of your own garden first, before starting renting an allotment at an allotment association.
º When planning your vegetable garden try to think of crop rotation principles.
º Be aware of the shadow on your plot, and bear in mind the shift during the season.

Indoor crop growing


vegetable allotment garden when to plant vegetables

You can also grow your crops indoors and suffer less from unfavorable climate situations. You could start with square foot gardening, this way it’s easy to get a start and have a nice and balanced crop variation. Of course you could also just use a flowerpot in front of the window.


Whenever you want more control and maximize vegetable production it is a good idea to start with a greenhouse. It’s fairly easy to find one and on rainy days you can still work on your garden.

All year round

Another way to grow some fresh vegetables is to use a germinator/sprouter and get some germinating seeds like cress, bean sprouts or cereal germs. Also, herbs can generally be cultivated indoors all year long. Check out Cressinfo.com for a site dedicated to garden cress.

Where to buy seeds online

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